Switzerland – Travel Tips by Jolyn

What type(s) of travellers would you recommend to visit Switzerland?

Switzerland caters to solo travellers, couples and those who like photography.

How long would you recommend for one to spend in Switzerland?

5 days 4 nights.

What are the top things to do in Switzerland that you would recommend?
1. Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen-Jungfraujoch

– Scenic lake view at Interlaken

– Take a 20-minute train ride up to Lauterbrunnen for ~CHF9 (round-trip)

– View in Lauterbrunnen is breath-taking (Staubbach falls, colourful alpine meadows, alps)

– Take the train from Lauterbrunnen-Kleinen Scheidgg-Jungfraujoch (get the entire journey ticket at Interlaken OST railway station)

– Try UNESCO themed trails hike if time and weather permit

2. Zermatt
View of mountain village overlooking Switzerland's iconic Matterhorn mountain

– Picturesque mountain village at the foot of Matterhorn

– Slow walk at Gornergorge canyon

– Take a train to peak of Gornergrat

– Skiing and snowboarding in winter

3. Rhine Fall-Lucerne
Lake Lucerne lined by a row of buildings on the left bank with a group of ducks waddling away
Rhine Fall-Lucerne

– Rhine fall, largest waterfall in Switzerland

– For watch lovers, Lucerne is the place for you

– Iconic Chapel bridge, Old Town Lucerne and Lake Lucerne

What are the top things to eat in Switzerland that you would recommend?
1. Veal with mushroom cream
Plate of veal with mushroom cream served with fries and greens is a popular dish in Switzerland
Veal with mushroom cream

– Swiss speciality dish originating in town of Zurich

– Veal is soft, the mushroom cream sauce is just nice (not too heavy); option to serve with Rosti too

– Most restaurants serve this dish well ~CHF 39. Best I had was in Berne (Lotschbeag Restaurant)

2. Cheese Fondue
Cheese fondue served with toasted sliced bread is a local delicacy in Switzerland
Cheese Fondue

– Good to try it once when in Switzerland; the cheese tastes different – lighter

– Comes with free bread and potato, though some restaurants charge by pax (~CHF28)

– Tried in 2 different restaurants, tasted the same as they use the same cheese

3. Rosti

– Never get sick of rosti (crispy and not oily)

– Options to serve with cheese, veal, apple, bacon, sausages, etc etc (ranging from ~CHF18-40)

– Below pic showing Blue cheese rosti with caramelized onion and apple sauce by the side

Any recommendations on where to stay in Switzerland?
When is a good time of the year to visit Switzerland?
How should one get around?


Are there any local norms/cultures that a tourist should be aware of?
 Trains leave on time and shops are closed on Sundays.
What are the acceptable payment currencies and modes in Switzerland?

Cash (CHF) and cards.

Any other tips/things to be aware of?
– 4 national languages (German, French, Italian, Romansh) but very few people speak all 4; depending on which region you are in, e.g. central and eastern mainly speak in German
– National drink: Rivella
– Tap/fountain water is clean to drink
– Famous for chocolate, dairy products, watches and cuckoo clocks
How should one stay connected to the internet?

With a prepaid sim card

Cost of Trip to Switzerland

Airfare – S$1200-S$1700, from Singapore

Accommodation – CHF 250 per night

Food – CHF30-50 per meal

Transport – ~CHF50 (Swiss pass comes in 3-, 4-, 8- and 15-day. Alternatively, buy a half-fare pass for CHF120 that is valid for 1 month)