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What type(s) of travellers would you recommend to visit Mongolia?

Those who are into travelling solo, adventure and backpacking should visit Mongolia.

What are the top activities/must-sees that you would recommend in Mongolia?
1. Naadam Festival ExperienceTour + Gobi Desert Visit
Local Culture Experience at the Naadam Festival in Mongolia
Experience the local culture at the Naadam Festival

– Looking for a seat at the National Stadium to watch the Naadam Festival and its famous opening ceremony? Hop on this tour and enjoy the festivities and the ceremony, as well as the tournaments, including horse racing, archery, wrestling…

– Apart from that, we offer a trip to the Terelj National Park, located nearby, and the mighty Gobi desert in only three days. Marvel at Mongolia’s untouched landscapes and magnificent views.

Three people riding camels in Gobi Desert in Mongolia
Gobi Desert

Day 1 – Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
Day 2 – Experience Naadam Festival (Opening ceremony)
Day 3 – Drive to Khui Doloon Hutag – (to watch the horse racing competition)
Day 4 – City tour
Day 5 – Flight to Dalanzadgad (Gobi desert)
Day 6 – Drive to Hongoryn Els (Sand dunes)
Day 7 – Return to Dalanzadgad
Day 8 – Flight back to Ulaanbaatar (Terelj National Park)
Day 9 – International Departure

2. Green Park Tour
Group of tourists standing in front of a white van on lush greenery in Terelj National Park in Mongolia
Terelj National Park

– We offer you the chance to see a beautiful natural resort outside Ulaanbaatar.

– Terelj National Park is one of Mongolia’s protected areas, located 70 km away from the city centre.

– The park is home to rare animal species, untouched wilderness, rock formations, green pastures, and forests.

Day 1- Drive to Terelj National Park (70 km)
Day 2- Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way back to Ub city, you will visit the statue of Genghis Khan.

3. Western Mongolia Tour
Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain

– Take this tour to find out more about the western part of Mongolia

– Includes locations such as:

  • the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain (the highest mountain in Mongolia covered with ice)
  • Uvs lake
  • Tes
  • Angir lake
  • the picturesque Blue Hot Spa
  • the historic site of Karakorum with its long-standing museum and Erdenezuu monastery

Day 1- Flight to Ulgii and beginning of the journey to Altai Tavan Bogd You will fly to Ulgii and begin the journey to Altai Tavan Bogd mountain and spend the night in a tent.
Day 2- Explore Uureg lake and Kazakh culture You will see Uureg lake and meet Kazakh families. Stay overnight in a Kazakh ger.
Day 3- Drive to Uvs lake
Day 4- Discover Uvs province
Day 5- Drive to Angir lake
Day 6- Drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
Day 7- Drive to Tsenher hot spa
Day 8- Explore Erdenezuun Monastery (Karakorum)
Day 9- Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai (small sand dunes)
Day 10- Drive back to Ub (City tour)
Day 11- International Departure

4. Wilderness Combo Tour
Gobi Desert

We offer you a combination of the Gobi desert and Naadam Festival tours. As you drive to the Gobi Desert you’ll feast your eyes on the purest natural landscapes.

Day 1- Arrival in Ulaanbaatar (City tour)
Day 2- Watch Naadam Festival Opening Ceremony
Day 3- A tour to Baga Gazar
Day 4- Drive to Yol Valley (Ice gorge)
Day 5- Discover the sand dunes
Day 6- Explore the Flaming Cliffs (Dinosaur fossils)
Day 7- Drive to the Old temple ruins
Day 8- A tour to Karakorum (Ancient Capital of Mongolia)
Day 9- Drive to Khustai National Park (Wild horses)
Day 10- Return to Ulaanbaatar city
Day 11- International Departure

Additional Information on tours

The price of the tours includes:
– All accommodation in ger camps
– All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on tourists camps
– Taxes and fees
– Activity prices
– Entry fees

The price of the tours does not include:
– Hotels and meals in Ulaanbaatar
– Extra activity prices
– Alcoholic drinks
– Visa insurance
– Domestic flight fees

What are the top food places/must-eats that you would recommend in Mongolia?
1. Mongolian Bd’s Barbecue
2. California restaurant in Ulaanbaatar city
3. Khaan Ger restaurant
Any recommendations on where to stay in Mongolia?

You can stay in either hotel or guest house. Ramada Hotel or Best Western in Ulaanbaatar city centre is a good option.

When is a good time of the year to visit Mongolia?
All seasons are good, but summer (June to August) is highly recommended
How should one get around in Mongolia?

Our tours are inclusive provide pick up and drop off services. Outside of our tours, taxis are recommended.

Are there any local norms/cultures that a tourist should be aware of in Mongolia?
There is a tipping culture for guides and drivers.
What are the acceptable payment currencies and modes in Mongolia?


Any other tips/things to be aware of in Mongolia?
In some parts of Mongolia where you are travelling, the weather might be different. You should pack various clothes in your bag and do not forget to bring mosquito repellent.


How should one stay connected to the internet in Mongolia?

Some places have free Wifi connection.

Cost of Trip

It varies depending on the tours which you can check out here.

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