Hanoi, Vietnam – Travel Tips by Clyn

Hanoi, Vietnam Travel Tips
Hanoi, Vietnam Travel Tips
What type(s) of travellers would your recommendations for Hanoi suit?

Hanoi is great for people who love photography and culture.

How long would you recommend for one to spend there?

3 days 2 nights.

What are the top activities in Hanoi that you would recommend?
1. Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh Boat Ride
Ninh Binh Boat Ride

– Take a peaceful boat ride at Tam Coc, passing through caves and limestone mountains

– Ride a bicycle through the rice paddies

– Slow down your pace and catch wild pigs, buffaloes and ducks along the river banks

2. Wandering in the old quarters of Hanoi
Street Stalls at Old Quarters
Street Stalls at Old Quarters

– Walk around without a map and get lost in the richness of culture

– Every street sells a different produce/product

– If you’re there on the weekends, check out the streets (from Hang Dao street running north to Dong Xuan market) that turn into a night market

3. Experience railroad street
A railway track on the streets of Hanoi
A railway track on the streets of Hanoi

– See locals living next to a working railroad

– Trains pass by 2 times a day

– Take the most stunning photos of local life

What are the top food places in Hanoi that you would recommend?
1. Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung)
Ca Phe Trung
Ca Phe Trung

– An interesting delicate mix of savoury and sweet

– Like a crème brulee with a caffeine spike

2. Cau Go Restaurant
A lady preparing Chả Cá Thăng
A lady preparing Chả Cá Thăng

– Best view of the lake at night

– Chả Cá Thăng Long (fish with turmeric and dill) (pictured above) is prepared at the table

3. Banh Cuon
Banh Cuon
Banh Cuon

– Enjoy a banh cuon for breakfast like a local

Any recommendations on where to stay in Hanoi?
Close by the old quarters.
When is a good time of the year to visit?
All year, but avoid June to early September as it is the hot and rainy season.
How should one get around in Hanoi?

Walk or taxi.

Are there any local norms / cultures that a tourist should be aware of?
What are the acceptable payment currencies and modes?


Any other tips/things to be aware of?
Be aware of taxi scams where meters are modified to run faster than regular ones. Avoid by sticking to the more legit brands – Mai Linh (the Green Taxi), Vinasun or Taxi Group. Ask your hotel to book you a taxi to the airport as airport taxis are cheaper than regular ones.
How should one stay connected to the internet?

Buy a prepaid sim card at the airport (Vinaphone has good connectivity everywhere)

Cost of Trip to Hanoi

Airfare – Singapore to Hanoi return via Scoot SGD320

Accommodation – Somerset Grand Hanoi, 2-bedroom apartment, SGD200 per night

Food – SGD1 to SGD15