Get Rewarded

Rewards Infographic
Rewards Infographic

How it Works

Contribute an approved article to earn 100 points
  1. Submit an article that meets our criteria via our Contribute page.
  2. If your article meets our criteria and we would love for it to be published on our site, you will be informed via email within 7 days of submission.  (If your article does not meet our criteria, we will not publish it. Also, no article will be published without rewarding the author.).
  3. The author of each approved article will be awarded 100 points.
  4. Each approved article will be automatically entered into our periodic contest – the next one ends on 31 March 2018.


Participate in our contest and win a USD75 / SGD100 travel voucher
  • Each approved article submitted via our Contribute page will be automatically enrolled in our prevailing contest.
  • Our current contest ends on 30 June 2018.
  • Our in-house panel will pick the top 5 articles and publish each of them on a weekly basis, in no particular order, from the week following the end of the contest.
  • The author of the article with the highest number of ‘likes’ for a 7-day period (168 hours) from the article’s date of publication on our site will walk away with a USD75 / SGD100 travel voucher (or its equivalent).
  • Contests are only open to individuals.


Criteria for an approved article
  • Simply follow our template on our Contribute page, and make sure that you:
    • Provide original content (both text and images) (i.e. not copied from elsewhere);
    • Write in appropriate English with minimal errors; and
    • Complete all required fields in our template.


Redeem your Points

Step 1: Decide which voucher you would like from the list below.

Points available for redemptionVouchers* (SGD**)
100$10 CapitaVoucher (physical voucher***)
200$20 Scoot e-Voucher
400$50 Jetstar e-Voucher
800$100 CapitaVoucher/Scoot e-voucher/Jetstar e-voucher

*Vouchers are non-exchangeable; Terms of use of vouchers: 
CapitaVoucher | Scoot Voucher  | Jetstar Voucher
**Not living in Singapore? Let us know and we will work something out for you 🙂
***Physical vouchers will be mailed via normal post and will not be replaced if lost; $100 CapitaVoucher will be mailed via registered mail (as it is too much to risk!)

You should have received an email with your current rewards points balance after every approved article. If you are still unsure about your rewards points, simply email us.

Step 2: Email us at with the following information:

  1. Name / Full name as per passport (important if you are redeeming a travel voucher!)
  2. Email address that you would like to receive your e-voucher at
  3. Contact number with country code
  4. Voucher that you would like to redeem e.g. 2x SGD10 CapitaVoucher
  5. Mailing address (for physical vouchers such as CapitaVoucher)

Step 3: Wait patiently for your reward to arrive in your inbox!

We are in the process of implementing an automated rewards system, so please bear with our current “manual” workaround in the meantime!